Chiropractic Care for Automobile Accidents

Whiplash is common injury caused by automobile collisions. Whiplash is where the human frame is suddenly forced beyond the normal limits of motion. In the event of a rear end or side impact collision, the velocity of the impact forces the neck muscles to violently move back and forth. This extreme movement of the head and spine, better known as whiplash, can lead to side-effects including:

  • Severe headaches
  • Lower back pain
  • Blurred vision
  • Long term musculoskeletal problems
  • Advanced degeneration

Car whiplash is a major problem due to the fact that it causes severe damage to muscles, bones, tendons and ligaments along and surrounding the spinal cord.

Patients involved in motor vehicle accidents should never go unchecked, even if they do not immediately show symptoms of whiplash. While a majority of issues show up immediately, it is not uncommon for some symptoms to be delayed or go unnoticed. These delayed symptoms can cause many problems later in life. 

Traditional medicine cannot treat car accident injuries on their own. Most treatments use medicine to treat the pain but do not focus on the injury itself. If the spine becomes misaligned in a collision, it can lead to severe nerve impingement. When nerves become compressed, stretched, or irritated, it becomes a biomechanical issue that can result in debilitating pain.

How do you know the severity of the damage? Get an evaluation by a chiropractor. Evaluations include a thorough physical examination, x-rays of your spine, and if necessary, individualized treatment. Chiropractic rehabilitation aims at returning your body to your pre-accident form.


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